RWE was essential in understanding and fighting COVID-19, now it must be used to accelerate cancer research

Three reasons why we must continue utilising RWE post-pandemic:

  • RWE studies represent real-world patient populations in real-life settings
  • RWE can elevate patient-centricity (e.g. patient reported outcomes on quality of life)
  • RWE studies identify significant findings more quickly

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About SVMPharma

SVMPharma is an innovative strategic consultancy, specialising in Real-World Evidence (RWE) for the pharmaceutical industry. SVMPharma generates RWE within UK and Europe through bespoke online Real-World Treatment Evaluators, leading to successful health technology appraisal (HTA) submissions. Clinical trial programmes do not reflect real-world clinical practice and outcomes, RWE supplements and enhances clinical datasets. SVMPharma’s specialist teams focus on delivering the outcomes that matter to your brand.

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