01.002 RWE KR Apr 2022 D 27-04-2022

Rheumatology real-world evidence studies are clinically important, but require careful interpretation

  • Real-world evidence studies such as a recent study by Fisher (1) examining the persistence of JAK1/3 inhibitor tofacitinib in patients with RA compared to the persistence of bDMARD of a large, retrospective new user cohort from in a research database, are informative but require cautious interpretation because findings are dependent on a variety of medical and nonmedical influences
  • Real-world data are clinically important, and drug survival with appropriate caveats is a good surrogate for continued efficacy and lack of AE necessitating discontinuation
  • Confirmation from similar studies in large registries from a variety of countries with differing medical systems would help to clarify the picture and advise on drug persistence of any novel therapy
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