01.002 RWE APR 2022 HB D 14-04-202

Real world evidence shows that COVID-19 impacts glycated hemoglobin level

  • In this study, data were collected from the COVID-19 data registry developed by a Cleveland clinic, including records of 81,093 COVID-19-positive patients and a control of 153,034 COVID-19-negative patients between March 2020 to May 2021
  • A retrospective analysis of electronic health records (EHR) was performed to determine the impact of COVID-19 on HbA1c levels
  • The study demonstrated an increase in HbA1c (0.06%) in COVID-19-positive patients, while COVID-19-negative patients showed nil or slight increase in HbA1c (0.02%). Between pre and post-COVID-19 testing, a 0.08% HbA1c increase was observed in COVID-19-positive patients compared to COVID-19-negative patients
  • The authors identified a significant positive association in COVID-19-positive patients between pre-COVID-19 HbA1c level and COVID-19-induced severity factors such as hospitalization time, assisted breathing, and ICU admissions
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