01.002 RWE KR JULY 2022 C 29-07-2022

Real-world data used to combat COVID-19

  • Monitoring data on hospitals’ utilisation and capacity rates: location and number of licensed beds, staffed beds, ICU beds, and total bed utilisation rates
  • Plan for critical care based on epidemiological data on COVID-19 and clinical outcomes: modeling tools development to identify surges in clinical demand, as well as best- and worst-case scenarios of COVID-19-induced strain on hospital capacity
  • High-risk patient identification: respiratory issues, social isolation, exposure risk survey (recent travel, attendance at large public events, symptoms of the virus), patient data collection to better understand risk factors (genetic, clinical, and environmental data), COVID-19 impact on certain communities assessment
  • Modeling framework for different types, intensities, and durations of interventions to be implemented and evaluation of the effect on the spread of the virus over time

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