01.002 RWE KR JULY 2022 J 9-8-22

Real-world data (RWD) overcame the COVID-19 restrictions placed on entering hospitals

  • The digital options of real-world data mean that you can still access the right patient population with the right study design
  • RWD is on an adoption curve and being increasing utilised to help pharma companies accelerate medical product development and provide new therapies to patients more efficiently in a very cost-efficient manner
  • RWD increases patient diversity in clinical trials, expands indications of already approved drugs, provides an external comparator arm in place of placebo and can help pharmaceutical companies make informed decision
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About SVMPharma

SVMPharma is an innovative strategic consultancy and CRO, with a focus in Real World Evidence (RWE) for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. SVMPharma delivers clinical trials within UK and Europe.


DISTILL is a new EDC launched by SVMPharma. As a CRO discover the benefits of DISTILL as part of your service offering and take back control of your clinical trials. DISTILL allows you to develop and manage every aspect of your trials from start to finish. Move away from the restrictions and costs associated with legacy systems.

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