01.002 DISTILL KR OCT 2022 B 26-10-22

DISTILL meeting your clinical trial requirements

DISTILL is designed from the ground up to allow sponsors to self-configure and run clinical trials, however at SVMPharma our product specialists are ready to assist at any stage. Our agile approach ensures rapid, fully tested trial setup and in-study changes. Combined with DISTILL’s low-code, no-code platform, we are able to offer quicker user acceptance testing cycles. Click here to learn more.

About SVMPharma

SVMPharma is an innovative strategic consultancy and CRO, with a focus in Real World Evidence (RWE) for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. SVMPharma delivers clinical trials within UK and Europe.


DISTILL is a new EDC launched by SVMPharma. As a CRO discover the benefits of DISTILL as part of your service offering and take back control of your clinical trials. DISTILL allows you to develop and manage every aspect of your trials from start to finish. Move away from the restrictions and costs associated with legacy systems. For more information, please visit and contact us at Ref: DISTILLOCT2022KRB