Clinical Research Organisation

As a clinical research organisation we provide clinical development capabilities through our specialist teams. Our proven methodology and capabilities lead to faster delivery and increased value that is more cost effective for our clients. Working with large pharmaceutical companies and small biotech’s, has established our operational excellence since 2014.

At SVMPharma we use agile work methodology to offer tailored solutions and internally adapt our work practices to meet client requirements from start to finish. Delivering clinical trials is a complex mix of elements that must be brought together and tailored for each clinical trial with its unique objectives. We use an agile service delivery model to bring these elements together.

Clinical Trial Services

At SVMPharma we offer clinical trial services from our UK headquarters and affiliate companies in India, Singapore and America with our network of partners around the globe. We manage clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas, including but not exclusive to the following:


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Providing best possible outcomes for cancer patients with expertise in lung cancer, prostate cancer, renal cancer, ovarian and haematology


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Research in all disease areas affecting the heart or blood vessels


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Specialising in treatment of skin, hair and nail conditions


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Including neurological disorders, disease and trauma


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Working with clinical biochemistry, a study of the chemical processes in the body


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Rare diseases and highly specialised areas with small patient populations

Oncology and haematology are a particular area of expertise, where we perfectly understand the particularities and challenges of cancer trials (including rare tumours), and the crucial importance of fast start-up, recruitment and data analysis.

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We offer study management across all phases and types of clinical trials. Whether early phase or collecting real-world data, we develop the right solution for our clients.