01.002 RWE TNT May 2022 E 20-05-22

Clinical outcomes of anti-obesity medications (AOMs) assessed in real-world practice

  • The review showed a weight reduction in specific populations such as, patients who had regained weight or experienced inadequate weight loss after bariatric surgery, and specific patient subgroups such as T2DM
  • Weight loss was often accompanied by positive changes in other cardiometabolic risk factors, when measured
  • Although AOMs were well tolerated in real-world studies with mostly mild to moderate AEs, a general pattern of poor compliance was apparent with all treatments
  • The review identified large gaps in the evidence base for AOMs in treating patients with obesity or overweight in real-world practice, including few comparative effectiveness studies and a narrow range of reported outcomes
  • Strengthening the approach to RWE generation in obesity will help build a more accurate picture of the value of AOMs in routine clinical practice, especially as newer agents promising greater efficacy are on the horizon
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