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Anthony Damian

Managing Director, SVMPharma

What I do

Managing Director of SVMPharma, with over twenty years’ experience in building software and development processes and technologies, in multiple market areas. Responsible for the strategic direction and new verticals.

My North Star

As a natural visionary, I lead the way forward with my accumulated skills and talents and delight in teaching the people around me to think forwardly as I do.


Co-founder and Managing Director of Solverminds Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a multinational company specialising in ERP software solutions.

Expanding the reach of Solverminds by serving its customers in 85 countries with 600+ people passionately supporting our customers through our offices in Chennai, Singapore, London, Hamburg, Dubai, and Atlanta.

I have had research papers published in the Journal of Transportation Management, completed a presentation entitled "Mergers and Alliances in the Liner Industry - A Historical Perspective, Proceedings of the Intermodal Distribution" at the Educators' Academy, Dallas in May 1998 and submitted a PG diploma thesis entitled “Mergers and Alliances in the Liner Industry: Strategic and Financial perspective”. In 1998, won the prestigious Maersk Line Award for Best Dissertation.


Beth Snelson

Project Manager, SVMPharma

What I do

Project Manager for SVMPharma since August 2020.
Responsible for project management of clinical trials on behalf of our clients. Covering all aspects of the study lifecycle.

My North Star

I am passionate about clinical research and the huge importance of progression in medical science and treatments available to patients. I pride myself in building close working relationships with all parties involved. I am a self-confessed planner and appreciate the importance of project plans designed to drive, efficiencies. This allows us to deliver meaningful results, on time and achieve the best outcomes to make a difference for our clients and ultimately patients.


My background is with the NHS in study setup, whilst in this role, I coordinated the opening of Phase 2-4 studies, and was proud to achieve first site open in UK, and Europe on multiple occasions.
Implemented a Quality Management System for a research lab processing human tissue.
Project managed final stages and tested DISTILL electronic data capture system for successful first use in live trial.


Sachin Adiseshadrirao

Operations Manager, SVMPharma

What I do

In my role as operations manager, I lead the business analysis, testing, scrum-master, and technical writing teams behind the development of DISTILL.

My North Star

I am passionate about software products that improve the lives of patients. There are two key ingredients to this: empathy for the real problems faced by healthcare professionals, sponsors, and patients, and a motivated team eager to bring the product's vision to life.

In my role at SVMPharma, I have the privilege of leading both of these aspects in the development of DISTILL.


Worked with several sponsors and associations to setup clinical trial systems such as EDCs and eTMF systems.
Evaluated leading EDC systems in the market for the purpose of procurement to drive early and late phase studies.
Diverse experience in business analysis, IT product and project management.