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SVMPharma’s mission is to provide unique technology which shifts the paradigm, in clinical research, at the same time maintaining simplicity with greater control for researchers.

We have a passion for clinical research and ‘outcomes that matter’ to our clients. We provide accessible electronic data capture solutions, allowing you to operationalise your clinical trials, and take back control. We see ourselves as part of our clients extended team offering the right service, support and training to meet all their electronic data capture requirements.


Anthony Damian

“In 2014 I co-founded SVMPharma within the Solverminds group.  Since inception SVMPharma have delivered trials with the outcomes that matter for our clients, these have culminated in successful health technology submissions and publications.

This history and experience has led to the development and launch, in 2017, of DISTILL electronic data capture system. The system has been designed and developed by researchers, using the technological expertise of Solverminds. DISTILL brings a paradigm shift to its customers, by bringing unique and innovative technology which simplifies customer experience and provides greater control.”

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SVMPharma have evolved from a background as a CRO, delivering clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies since 2014. This history and experience has led to the development and launch, in 2017, of DISTILL electronic data capture system.  We understand the value in knowing what to collect and how to collect it.

DISTILL is an electronic data capture system built by end users for end users. By removing the barriers that legacy electronic data capture systems operate with      DISTILL gives you back control of your clinical trials. Features of DISTILL include the ability to directly upload electronic prescribing records into teh eCRF using OCR and AI technologies. Our form studio is a drag and drop form builder designed to allow the eCRF to be built without the requirement of a programmer.

DISTILL is ready to meet the current and future changing demands within the clinical trial environment, meaning data capture can be fully managed in house, reducing set up and mid-study change timelines. We have developed a system to allow our clients to run more studies, with increased productivity, flexibility and with a focus on quality and value.



Real World Evidence of delivering Strategic Insights


I came across SVMPharma after reading a report about some work they had done in oncology – very impressive work that had affected a NICE decision. We met with SVMPharma and we are now engaged on a couple of projects with SVMPharma – working very closely. They facilitate the paperwork to allow data collection, become part of the cross-functional team driving results and bring a wealth of experience to the table too. SVMPharma has been a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend contacting them to get their input first-hand on real world data.

European Managing Director