A new study shows that sleeping for extended periods reduces your calorie intake

A new study shows that sleeping for extended periods reduces your calorie intake

  • This study aimed to extend the sleep-time of subjects to 8.5 hours a day and identify the impact on calorie intake
  • Sleeping pattern was tracked with the help of wearable devices and subjects were asked to follow their normal routine without any changes in diet or daily lifestyle
  • On average 12 kg of weight loss was noticed for the subjects who increased their sleep-time during the three-year study
  • Only a few sessions were required to make the participants aware of the importance of sleep hygiene and for them to make the changes in their sleep schedule, but it was the consistent practice that showed results
  • “The current obesity epidemic, according to experts, is mostly explained by an increase in caloric intake, rather than lack of exercise,”

    Esra Tasali

    Managing Director,

    UChicago Sleep Center at the University of Chicago Medicine


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