A new study found that COVID-19 is linked to tissue

A new study found that COVID-19 is linked to tissue damage and shrinkage in brain areas related to smell

  • Subjects underwent two brain scans, on average three years apart. It was found that people who were infected with the virus also had greater cognitive decline between the two scans, linked to atrophy in the brain’s structure that is related to cognition
  • According to the researchers, 0.2% of grey matter in the brain is lost each year, but this percentage increased to 2% for the subjects who were infected with COVID-19
  • Subjects also showed a greater decline in their mental abilities to perform complex tasks, and this mental worsening was partly related to these brain abnormalities
  • “Despite the infection being mild for 96% of our participants, we saw a greater loss of gray matter volume, and greater tissue damage in the infected participants, on average 4.5 months after infection.”

Professor Gwenaëlle Douaud

Study’s Lead Author

UK Biobank

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